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Guangming: Substantial Increases in Government Spending on Party’ Propaganda

According to Vice Minister of Finance, Zhang Shaochun, China has spent a significant amount of money on the development of culture. Since 2005, the overall government spending on culture, sports, and media has increased at an annual rate of 20.9%, while central government spending has grown at the rate of 25.4% annually. Money has been used for museums, memorials, and national centers for education in patriotism, all of which are free to the public. The government will continue to fund the national publishing foundation so it can contribute to the widespread publication of Marxist and Leninist works, youth publications, and all those issues that are a national priority. Zhang said that the Party’s newspapers, journals, radio programs, and TV stations will continue to be funded through “government procurement” to enhance their vitality.

Source: Guangming Daily, November 26, 2011