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Kaisa Group Offered Debt Repayment Plan

The Evergrande debt problem was the first. It started a wave of Chinese real estate companies defaulting on their debts. Kaisa Group (佳兆业) ran into same problem. Its subsidiary Jinheng Wealth missed a payment of a 300 million yuan (US$47 million) financial product. Kaisa Group offered a guaranty on the product.

On November 22, Kaisa Group announced a repayment plan for its product. The plan was that its debt will be paid in installments, based on the due date. For money where the due date of the dept has not passed yet, the company will pay the investor 10 percent of the principle in the month when the payment is due. Then it will pay 10 percent every three months thereafter. There will be no interest payment before the principle is due. After that, the interest payment will follow the same 10 percent payment schedule once the principle is due.

For the principle due because the company missed the payment, it will pay interest for the extension at 4.35 percent (based on a one-year commercial load rate). The extended interest will be paid with 50 percent of what is due three months after it completes the payment for the principle and original interest, and then complete it in another three months.

Source: Sina, November 22, 2021