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Red Flag Manuscript: the Non-State Sector Needs the Party’s Presence

A Red Flag Manuscript article concluded that, in order to promote the sound and rapid development of the non-State sector of the economy, an essential condition is to strengthen the Party’s development in non-State enterprises. The article expressed the belief, “It is futile to rely on corporate governance; it is the Party organization in the enterprise that plays the core political role.” The non-State sector needs many forms of support from the Party in order to grow, while the development and expansion of the Party relies on support from the non-State sector. “This is the root cause for the Party to play a core political role in non-State enterprises.” The synchronized coordination between the Party Committee and the board of directors of the enterprise is the key to Party’s development in the non-State sector.

Source: Red Flag Manuscript reprinted by Qiushi, November 29, 2011