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China Tightened Control over Celebrity Online Information

Well-known Chinese news site NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) recently reported that China’s Central Cyberspace Administration just issued an administrative notice on regulating entertainment celebrities’ online information. The key points of the notice were: Celebrity online information must present “positive values” and must promote “socialist core values.” The government will establish a “negative list” of the behaviors that are not allowed online. Key link collections, such as top search lists, in principle, can only present one information piece about a celebrity in the collection at a time. The celebrity’s daily life, schedule, family members and personal interests cannot be presented in critical information display spots. These spots include recommended hot news, celebrity account names, descriptions and avatars. These cannot be used for negative information distribution. “Disgraced” celebrities will be banned across the network, The government will “closely monitor” online public opinion and verify the authenticity of the celebrity accounts.

Source: NetEase, November 23, 2021