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Taiwan: Voice of China Commented on Far Eastern Group’s Statement of “Anti-Taiwan Independence”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fined Taiwan’s Far Eastern Group in the amount of US$5.7 million, blaming it for supporting “Taiwan Independence” activists. On November 29, the Far Eastern Group’s Chairman Xu Xudong yielded to the CCP and published a statement on Taiwan media, expressing an “anti-Taiwan Independence” position and supporting the “One China” principle.

China ‘s Media Group, also known as the Voice of China, published a commentary stating that the Far Eastern Group’s statement was not enough. “Regarding Xu Xudong’s expression, we heard his words, but more importantly, we need to see his actions.”

“If the Taiwan Far Eastern Group wants the sincere recognition of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, it must completely abandon the illusion of being a ‘two-faced person.’ It must stop supporting the ‘Taiwan Independence’ elements, and avoid making itself an accomplice to ‘Taiwan Independence’ again. Only in this way can people believe that Xu Xudong’s statement is really in support of the ‘One China’ principle, rather than a temporary measure to protect his interests in the mainland.”

“Regarding Xu Xudong’s statement, we focus more on the future and want to see their actions. On the one hand, they should really stop political donations to the ‘Taiwan Independence’ elements, to combat the ‘independence’ from the origin. Any ‘two-faced’ behavior cannot escape the sharp eyes of people on both sides of the Strait. On the other hand, they should also exert their influence to promote cross-strait exchanges actively and lead more Taiwanese enterprises operating in the mainland resolutely to oppose the Democratic Progressive Party authorities’ despicable tactics of ‘decoupling’ the two sides…”

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Source: CCTV, November 30, 2021