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Amazon Chinese Sellers Suffered the Worst Black Friday

Well-known Chinese news site Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) recently reported that, on November 30, Amazon’s “Black Friday” came to an end. This year’s market has disappointed Chinese sellers quite a bit. An international e-commerce company in Shenzhen said, “Last year’s Black Friday, we had US$1.5 million in sales on the Amazon platform, but this year sales fell to US$900,000.” However, compared with the Chinese sellers that Amazon blocked directly, the sellers who can still do business on Amazon are considered lucky. Cindy Tai, Amazon’s Vice President of Asia Global Selling, revealed that, in the previous five months, Amazon closed the sales rights of about 600 Chinese brands, involving about 3,000 accounts of these brands, including some large sellers.

These sellers have repeatedly abused the comment function. After numerous warnings, Amazon decided to terminate its relationship with these sellers. Based on past data, those who could really make money during big promotions like Black Friday are often the strong and powerful sellers. This year, however, quite a few top Chinese sellers were forced out of the game early on. Several large Chinese sellers, all with 2020 annual revenues above US$500 million, were removed from Amazon due to the counterfeiting of product reviews. It has been noticeable that many of the sellers are now increasing their investments in other platforms like Wal-Mart and eBay.

Source: Sina, December 2, 2021