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Global Times: Can the United States Slow China’s Rise?

On October 11, 2010, Global Times, a subsidiary of Xinhua, posted a commentary on its website titled, “Can the United States Slow China’s Rise?” The author is a professor from the PLA University of National Defense. The article states, “What’s the key U.S. strategy toward China? It is to ‘guide’ China’s development and ‘control’ China’s direction.” The article contends that the U.S. can no longer contain China, but can only ‘guide’ it to slow its development.

The article stated that the major tactics the U.S. employs include: (1) Keep focusing on the “Taiwan issue.” (2) Instigate the countries that border China to constantly provoke incidents. (3) Conduct military exercises around China, especially in China’s offshore areas, to create an atmosphere of tension. (4) Strengthen military ties with China’s neighboring countries. (5) Join Russia to suppress China’s military development. (6) Disrupt China’s peripheral security under the banner of "anti-nuclear terrorism." At present, one of the prominent features of the Obama administration’s military strategy is to shift its focus from  combating conventional terrorism to  combating nuclear terrorism.

Source: Xinhua, October 11, 2010