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Xinhua: China-Arab Beidou Satellite Navigation Cooperation Forum Took Place

Xinhua recently reported that the Third China-Arab Beidou Satellite Navigation Cooperation Forum was held in Beijing on December 9. China and the Arab Information and Communication Technologies Organization (AICTO) agreed jointly to implement no less than five projects in key areas on an application scale in the next two years and would do so by utilizing the Chinese satellite navigation system – Beidou/GNSS. The two parties will jointly promote the deployment of one to two Beidou/GNSS centers in interested Arab countries. In recent years, Beidou has been utilized widely in Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, Oman, Morocco and the UAE to provide a variety of services such as real-time accurate positioning, land surveying and mapping, transportation, precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, security, and railway construction. This Forum marked the beginning of a new era for Beidou’s large-scale application deployments characterized as marketization, industrialization, and internationalization.

Source: Xinhua, December 9, 2021