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Government Think Tank: China Should Beef up Its Anti-Terrorism Effort

Ye Hailin, an expert at the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies under China’s Academy of Social Sciences, made some recommendations that China should use to greatly enhance its anti-terrorist forces. He suggested that China consider promulgation of an anti-terrorism law to change the current practice of applying criminal law and increase the capability of its police powers in targeted areas. Although it should not expect too much, China should also seek international cooperation. “We must understand that, since the death of bin Laden, it has been be the same old model of ‘the terrorists in my country are the freedom fighter in yours.’ … [We] should rely on those countries that are friendly, i.e., those who share common interests and aspirations with us and with whom we have built a foundation of cooperation, such as Pakistan.” Lastly, Ye recommended that the people should be prepared to build their mental capability to withstand anti-terrorist measures that will inevitably affect their livelihood.

Source: International Herald Leader, January 9, 2012