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Qiushi Journal: Independent Media Are the Guardians of the Capitalist System

On January 6, 2012, Qiushi, a journal of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, published an article titled “Independent Media Are the Guardians of the Capitalist System.” The article is a short commentary that intends to solicit more supportive comments from Internet users. It invites them to post their comments in a box below the article to “list examples explaining why independent media cannot really be independent and to further analyze the biggest truth behind independent media so as to lead people to discuss and understand the nature of freedom of press in the West.”

Citing the “Murdoch News Corporation scandal” and the U.S. mainstream media’s “delayed” and “negative” reports on "Occupy Wall Street," the article criticizes freedom of the press in the West as a “self-proclaimed signboard.”

Source: Qiushi Journal, January 6, 2012