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Communist Party Preparing for its 18th Congress

In preparation for the Party’s 18th National Congress, an unidentified senior official from the Communist Party’s Organization Department stated in an interview with Xinhua that representatives from the front line grassroots will account for more than 32% of the total representatives and Party leaders at various levels will account for no more than 68%. There will be a significant increase in representatives of the workers working in national State-owned enterprises. Of the total representatives who are from provinces, districts, and cities, about 10% will be workers.

The representatives will come from about 3,890,000 local Party organizations with over 80 million Party members. According to the Party official, there will be 2,270 representatives attending the 18th National Congress of the Party, 50 more than the number that attended the 17th National Congress. “The representatives to the 18th national Congress must be the outstanding elements of the Party. [We emphasize that they must be politically advanced, which means] the representatives must hold firm beliefs [in Communism], be politically correct, have good character, excellent job performance, and a strong ability to perform their duties as representative.”

Source: Qiushi, January 13, 2012