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It Is the Party That Develops and Spreads Mainstream Socialist Culture

Study Times published an article on the Communist Party’s objective of developing and promoting its mainstream culture. According to the article, the key to enhancing China’s soft power “is to develop and nurture our own mainstream culture that is attractive, appealing, and easy to spread.”

“In today’s society, the socialist mainstream culture in our country is the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics that is guided by Marxism, drawn from the fine traditional Chinese culture and the fine cultural heritage of the world, [maintains] the advanced nature and the spirit of contemporary times, and serves the people.” The article expressed the belief that the mainstream culture must be heavily promoted and marketed in order to ensure that the people accept it. “Moreover, [we] should have brand-name mainstream culture products to effectively take over the international culture market, win over international consumers, and ultimately improve the position of our mainstream culture in the world’s culture and enhance the our country’s cultural soft power.” 

Source: Study Times, January 16, 2012