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Wen Jiabao: China Will Face Bigger Challenges in 2012

On the eve of the New Year, the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council held a joint Chinese New Years’ event in the Great Hall of the People. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao delivered a speech at the gathering. “The new year is an important year in the course of the development of our country. We will strengthen and improve macro-control, continue to maintain rapid economic development and stable prices, accelerate the transformation of development patterns, adjust the economic structure, improve the coordination and sustainability of development, push harder on the reform and opening up, continuously increase the vitality and momentum of economic and social development, and place more importance on protecting and improving people’s livelihoods to let the people share in the achievements of the reform and development!”

Wen stated, "We are going to face bigger challenges in the new year."

Source: Xinhua, January 21, 2012