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Qiushi: Make Every Effort to Improve Party Leaders’ Credibility

On January 16, 2012, Qiushi published an article titled, “Make Every Effort to Improve Party Leaders’ Credibility.” The article proposed five ways to improve Party leaders’ credibility: 1) Strengthen people’s faith in Communism; 2) Strengthen ties with the masses; 3) Change the concept of being the authorities and provide good services for the masses; 4) Follow rules and procedures; 5) (Have an attitude of) dare not corrupt and cannot be corrupted.

The article lists some examples on how to improve the Party leaders’ credibility, including sending letters to the Party cadres during holidays to remind them, presenting relevant shows, having relevant conversations, having corrupt officials who are in prison share their experiences, visiting farmers in the rural areas, severely punishing corrupt officials, and building an electronic monitoring system.

Source: Qiushi, January 16, 2012