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Huanqiu: U.S. Strategy to Encircle China Is Only aStraw Fence

Chou Hao, a scholar from the PLA National Defense University, published an article in Huanqiu (a subsidiary of Xinhua), commenting on the U.S. strategy toward China in China’s neighboring countries. The article said that the U.S. recently increased its involvement in the affairs of China’s neighbors. Structurally, the strategic fence that the U.S. has set up to surround China is composed of three main parts: The strongest section is the massive military networks in the military bases of China’s neighbors; the key links are the military coalitions based on the traditional allies of Japan and South Korea; the perimeter is made up of the partner countries the U.S. is trying to win over, including India and Vietnam. Chou believes that such an encirclement strategy, though a “perfect” model to prevent and restrict China, has its inevitable weaknesses.

Source: Huanqiu (Global times), October 19, 2010