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Global Times Commentary: Blinken Used Beautiful Words to Sell U.S.’ Strategic Malice

Below is an excerpt from a commentary published in China’s state media Global Times:

“U.S. Secretary of State Blinken delivered a speech on (December) the 14th in Indonesia. It was the first stop on the Southeast Asian tour to promote the United States’ ‘commitment to the security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific.’ He once again hypocritically elaborated on the concept of a ‘free and open Indo-Pacific,’ claiming that the purpose of the United States in defending a rule-based order is not to suppress any country, but to protect the right of all countries to choose their own path and to ensure that they are free from coercion and intimidation. He also expressed that the United States hopes to avoid conflicts in the Indo-Pacific region.”

“Blinken’s words are empty lies. He has performed using the extreme that the Western politicians use, “noble vocabulary” to convey strategic maliciousness.”

“From the moment when the United States returned to the Asia-Pacific region, to the Indo-Pacific strategy currently in force, what the U.S. has totally been pursuing is a geopolitical plan. Washington has greatly increased its military presence in the South China Sea, expanded its visibility in this region, and intervened in the political process here. All of this is directed at China and is intended to suppress China’s rise.”

“The entire region needs to be able to manage the presence of the United States and make it as harmless as possible. This region must not be ‘dominated’ by the United States, because once that happens, all countries in the region will become tools and materials for serving the United States’ global hegemony.”

Source: Global times, December 14, 2021