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Chongqing City Leadership and Judiciary Branches Declare Unity with the Central Administration

On March 15, 2012, the city of Chongqing held a leadership conference and announced the removal of Bo Xilai as the Party chief of Chongqing and the appointment of Zhang Dejiang as his replacement. Zhang Dejiang, the Deputy-Head of the Central Organization Department, made the announcement.

Li Yuanchao, head of the Central Organization Department, spoke at the meeting. Li stated that Wang Lijun’s decision to enter the U.S. Consulate was a serious matter and that the central administration is paying close attention to the investigation. The change in the leadership post in Chongqing was the direct result of Wang’s case. Li requested that the entire Chongqing city leadership unify behind the central administration’s decision and cooperate with the transition in order to guarantee the stability of the political and social environment in Chongqing.

Zhang Dejiang also spoke at the meeting. He expressed his solidarity with the Party’s leadership with Hu Jintao as the head; he also declared his decision to persevere on the path of scientific development and the open and reform policy, and to  fight corruption and promote clean governance.

Following the city leadership meeting, the Chongqing High Court and the People’s Procuratorate immediately held a meeting and repeated the key messages from the city leadership meeting. Both judiciary branches declared their solidarity with the decision that the central administration made. They said they would "maintain a high degree of unity with the central administration and firmly safeguard the stability of Chongqing."

Source: Xinhua, March 16, 2012