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Xinhua: Be Vigilant to the West’s Spread of New Interventionism

Xinhua published an editorial that was critical of Western countries’ intervention in countries ruled by authoritarian dictators. The article said that the Western countries’ military strike on Libya to overthrow the Gaddafi regime one year ago set a new “example" for how Western countries intervene in other countries’ internal affairs. The “New Interventionism” has become a cloud hanging over international relations.
The article described the “New Interventionism” as being very deceptive. Compared to traditional interventionism which included an explicit armed invasion and a military coup, "the ‘New Interventionism’ is under the guise of being legitimate.” “It is troubling that the West is showing a pattern of spreading the use of ‘New Interventionism.’ Western countries have already chosen Syria as another target following Libya; they aim to overthrow the Bashar government.”

“As a matter of fact, their so-called ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ are only excuses for the West’s ‘New Interventionism.’ There is no fundamental difference between ‘old interventionism’ and ‘New Interventionism.’ They are both authoritarian politics and hegemonism with the same goal of protecting the West’s strategic interests.“ “No matter how the West makes its point, it will not erase the disaster that the ‘New Interventionism’ brings to the affected country.”

The article concluded that "the ‘New interventionism’ is a violation of the principles of the ‘United Nations Charter’ and is an action against the tide of history. [We] should be vigilant against the spread of the ‘New Interventionism.’”

Source: Xinhua, March 18, 2012