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Huanqiu Urges Party Leaders to Speak up and Stop Rumors about a Rift

The state media Huanqiu published a commentary seeking an immediate clarification from top Communist Party leaders regarding online rumors that there is a rift among the top leaders over the change in the Party leadership of Chongqing. “Since the Chongqing incident, many people have made a lot of comments. It is normal, because the matter deserves this much attention. … It looks like rumors are running wild, but, in fact, the whole society is waiting for the authoritative voice of the Party Central Committee. … We believe the Party Central Committee is working on political issues of great concern to the public. We also hope the conclusions are reached quickly. The sooner the authoritative voice speaks, the clearer the picture that society has will be, and the more relieved the public will be. Sometimes, the significance of speed means more than the speed itself.”

Source: Huanqiu, March 22, 2012