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Global Times Editorial: Washington Set a Fire in the Ukraine; Now the U.S. Should Put it Out

Below is an excerpt from an editorial article that was in China’s state-run media, Global Times::

“U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Nuland revealed at a press conference on (January) 27 that “We are calling on Beijing to use its influence over Moscow” to resolve the Ukraine crisis through diplomatic means.

“Obviously, Washington is trying to create such an impression to influence public opinion. The United States is working very hard to ease the crisis and then kick the ball to Russia and China. The United States is making itself seem like a good person, but it is shifting the responsibility to China and Russia. Washington lit a fire in the Ukraine, posing as a victim, fantasizing that Beijing could ‘persuade’ Moscow to put it out. It must be pointed out that this is a kind of public opinion smoke bomb reversing the cause and the result.

“The root cause of the Ukraine problem is that the United States unrestrainedly promotes NATO’s eastward expansion, forcing Russia into a corner where there is no way to retreat. Washington is the initiator of the crisis. The U.S. hopes that China will come forward to ‘persuade’ Russia. Actually it is hoping that China will persuade Russia to make concessions to the U.S. in order to realize a ‘perfect solution’ which is what the U.S. would like to have. That is, Russia should unconditionally cooperate with the U.S.’s insatiable desires in geopolitical terms. What an absurd logic this is.

“Not only Ukraine, but many major regional crises in recent years have had their roots in Washington, such as the North Korean nuclear crisis, the Iranian nuclear issue, and the chaos caused by the withdrawal of the U.S. military from Afghanistan last year. The United States messed up a region, and finally found that it could not clean up the situation, so it wanted to pull in other countries to pay for it together. Over the years, Washington has wanted China to coordinate in the resolution of almost all major international crises. On the one hand, it is doing its utmost to suppress China, and on the other hand, it looks to China for help. The same is true this time.

“To solve the Ukrainian crisis, if we really need to ‘persuade’ someone, we would like to persuade Washington to give up this zero-sum game and the Cold War mentality as soon as possible and you should put out the fire that you set yourself using the right way.”

Source: Global Times, January 28, 2022