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Wen Jiabao: Corruption May Lead to the Death of the People and an End to the Government

According to Xinhua, on March 26, 2012, Premier Wen Jiabao delivered a speech to the State Council Fifth Independent Commission Work Meeting. Wen urged that a system be implemented to strictly require that leading cadres report relevant personal matters to their superiors and that oversight of those officials whose spouses and children have emigrated abroad (also called “naked officials”) be tightened. He recommended that the personal matters that the leading cadres report be open to the public, within a certain range, and that corruption cases be investigated and dealt with strictly.

Wen Jiabao stressed that corruption is the greatest danger to the ruling Party. If this problem is not resolved, the nature of China’s political foundation could change, leading to “the death of the people and an end to the government.” 

Source: Xinhua, March 26, 2012