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Understanding Politics: Who Cannot Become a Communist Official?

A posting on the blog for the People’s Daily website spoke directly, tongue in the cheek, to the media’s readers and provided them with descriptions of those who cannot become Communist officials. First are those who are talented. Such people are so outstanding that they dwarf almost everyone else. The writer pointed out that, even if you do not step on others’ toes, people will be jealous of you regardless. If you have a wealth of true knowledge, you tend to have independent thinking, which is the biggest taboo for a politician. To be a Communist official, you must forget about your conscience, justice, and principles and must be opportunistic, slick and treacherous. Second are those who are shy and are not willing to spend money. If you do not have much money and rely on your salary to support your family, you are advised to stay at home. Politics can be secretive, unpredictable, and brutally competitive. You will not survive unless you use sinister means and have the courage to face death. Finally, if you lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is personal gain, you will not be far from failure.

Source: People’s Daily website, March 27, 2012