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People’s Daily Calls for Strict Compliance with Party Policies

Xinhua reprinted an article originally from People’s Daily that called for strict compliance with the Party’s policies and maintaining the Party’s advancement and purity. It said that only then will the Party be able to “fulfill its historic mission and gain the trust of the people."

The article asked Party members to follow and safeguard the Party’s rules and regulations, saying, “Today, the situations around the world, nation, and Party are going through drastic changes and the ‘four tests’ and ‘four dangers’ are clearly presented right in front of every Party member." "The more powerful and the higher the position one is in, the more necessary it is for one to discipline himself."

[Editor’s note: During his July 1, 2010, speech commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, Hu Jintao spoke of the "four tests" and "four dangers" that the Party is facing. The four tests are tests in governing the country, implementing the reform and opening-up policy, developing the market economy, and dealing with the external environment; the four dangers are the dangers of lost vitality, insufficient capacity, alienation from the people, and rampant corruption.]

Source: Xinhua, April 15, 2012