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Global Times: “Sanctioning Cats” Is a Satire on the Radicalization of Sanctions

Global Times, China’s state media, published a commentary on the U.S. and other Western countries’ sanctions against Russia. The author of the article was the deputy Chief editor of Securities Daily (Chinese), Dong Shaopeng. The article said:

“At present, the sanctions against Russia by the United States and Western countries have not only increased in scope, but also showed a trend of “crossing the border” and even cats in Russia are sanctioned . The International Federation of Feline Animals (FIFe) has announced that any cats raised in Russia will not be allowed to register on the official pedigree of FIFe outside of Russia. Pet exhibitors from Russia are not allowed to participate in the FIFe Pet Show outside of Russia.”

“The essence of the sanctions is unilateral punishment . . .  Under certain conditions, as a means to correct imbalances in the political and economic fields, sanctions are justified.”

“However, in the context of power politics and hegemonism, the rationality of sanctions has been largely eliminated, and sometimes sanctions and oppression have been mixed together. The United States and Western countries often initiate sanctions out of self-interest, rather than upholding international law or international morality. They have wantonly expanded the scope of the so-called sanctions, not only habitually bullying the weak, but even making up excuses to abuse sanctions, which has radicalized the “sanction culture.” In this Russia-Ukraine conflict, the United States and Western countries and entities have imposed sanctions on the use rights of transnational financial infrastructure, public communication tools, international sports competitions, cultural exchange projects, and more, and they have imposed sanctions in areas that belonged to friendly exchanges. The instrumentalization of these domains and platforms has completely distorted the normal communication mechanism between people and countries, violated the norms of international relations and general political principles, and fully exposed the ugliness of its hegemony and power.”

Source: Global times, March 2, 2022