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Qiushi: How Western Political Parties Interact with the Media

Qiushi reprinted an article from a 2004 issue of the Contemporary World and Socialism, a publication of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Compilation and Translation Bureau. The article discussed the interactions between Western political parties and the media. It stated that, in the West, the political ruling parties generally influence the media through political restraints, national security, misrepresentations, and advertising. Political restraints represent a long standing practice whereby the political ruling party censors the media through orders, threats, and arrests. Control of the media in the name of national security or classified military information is also common. “Telling lies, and the dirty dealings in Western politics have been transformed to become ‘the art of public relations.’” “The political parties in the western countries devote special attention to manipulating the media in the dissemination of their messages in order to safeguard and portray their intended image and to expand their influence.” Because of the business relationship and large amounts of funds involved, when the government or the political parties threaten to pull their business, the media usually give in.

Source: Contemporary World and Socialism reprinted by Qiushi, May 5, 2012.