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China Youth Daily Publishes Commentary on Studying the “Cultural Revolution”

China Youth Daily, one of the top news dailies under the CCP’s Youth League, published a commentary titled “The ‘Cultural Revolution’ Should Be Written into Textbooks.” The article stated,“The ghost of the ‘cultural revolution’ has been haunting us, even though the central government passed a resolution that the ‘cultural revolution’ (must be) completely expunged. In recent years, its ghost has become a shadow that appears in front of us now and then. Some scholars even publicly endorse the ‘cultural revolution’ and publish articles trying to reverse the resolution. Such voices on the Internet have become ever more frequent. … Even more horrifying is that people publicly support an aspiration to revive the ‘cultural revolution.’ Songs and model plays related to the ‘cultural revolution’ are regarded as red classics. On a number of occasions, the image of red guards has also appeared, swaggering around in public.”

The article lamented that “Most surprisingly, the younger generation’s sees the ‘cultural revolution’ as having a completely positive image.” Over a long period of time, whether it’s in movies, TV shows, novels, dramas, or poems, articles are all trying to avoid the ‘cultural revolution.’ In textbooks, the ‘cultural revolution’ is only a few ambiguous sentences. In the universities and research institutes, a few people who stubbornly insist on studying the ‘cultural revolution’ are considered a strange group.”

The article pointed out that “to truly learn the lessons from the ‘cultural revolution,’ one must meticulously and carefully study it. … It’s an urgent matter to start to solidify our textbooks right away. (We should) tell our offspring the original history; let them know the disaster of the ‘cultural revolution’ that research has already demonstrated.

Source: China Youth Daily, May 9, 2012