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Huanqiu: A signal that All Foreign Correspondents in China Can Understand

Huanqiu published a commentary on the Qatar Television (the Al Jazeera TV Channel) shut down of the Beijing office for its English channel. Recently the Chinese authorities did not extend the visa for its correspondent, a Chinese American female, or allow a replacement. The Huanqiu reporter learned from foreign correspondents in Beijing that this Chinese American correspondent held “radical political views.” “The denial of her visa extension sent a signal to foreign correspondents in Beijing that those who have been stationed in Beijing for a long time should be able to understand. … If a foreign correspondent cannot manage to stay in China, we can only guess that she has probably gone too far. … We know that Chinese officials are increasingly active in their cooperation with foreign media. It is the foreign media that should take a more objective and balanced manner when dealing with China.” Finally the commentary suggested that the Qatar correspondent should reflect on what she has done in China.

(Editor’s note: According to the New York Times, it is surmised that Melissa Chan, the correspondent for Al-Jazeera, angered the Chinese by publishing a documentary on re-education through labor camps).

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