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Minister of Civil Affairs: Human Rights NGOs Receive Equal Treatment

China’s State Council Information Office recently held a press conference on non-governmental organizations (NGOs, also called social organizations in China). Li Liguo, China’s Minister of Civil Affairs, who spoke at the press conference, stated that, when NGOS register directly with the government to obtain legal status, the authorities treat them all equally. “Social organizations under the categories of politics and human rights are treated equally for the purpose of registration. They are then reviewed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in terms of the preconditions for their establishment, the need for their establishment, the mission for their activities, and their impact on economic and social development.” Currently, as a prerequisite, before a social organization can register with the government, it must find a governmental body to oversee its activities. According to Li, in the second half of last year in some cities, public social organizations started to register directly with the government without having a governmental body to oversee them.

Source: Xinhua, May 8, 2012