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The State Department Placed Restrictions on CCP Officials Who Repress Minority Groups, Dissidents, and Human Rights Defenders

iThe U.S. Department of State announced on March 21 that it is taking action against officials of China (the People’s Republic of China, or PRC) for their involvement in repressive acts against members of ethnic and religious minority groups and religious and spiritual practitioners inside and outside of China’s borders, including within the United States.

The statement said, “The United States rejects efforts by the PRC officials to harass, intimidate, surveil, and abduct members of ethnic and religious minority groups, including those who seek safety abroad, and U.S. citizens, who speak out on behalf of this vulnerable population.” It “imposes visa restrictions on PRC officials who are believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, policies or actions aimed at repressing religious and spiritual practitioners, members of ethnic minority groups, dissidents, human rights defenders, journalists, labor organizers, civil society organizers, and peaceful protestors in China and beyond.”

Source: Department of State website, March 21, 2022