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China to Step up Expansion of Party Organizations in Private Sector

At a national meeting on May 25, Zhou Bohua, the head and Party chief of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC), identified some “blank spots” in the Party organization in the non-state sector, especially in single-person retail businesses, professional market places, and small and micro business. Zhou said that, as the next stage, SAIC will push forward the expansion of Party organizations in these areas.

According to the official statistics, 80% of China’s non-state enterprises and single-person retail businesses have yet to establish Party organizations. At present, China has 10.12 million non-state enterprises and 37.56 million single-person retail businesses, employing nearly 200 million people. The Party’s coverage of the small scale private enterprises is only 21%, with less than 1% coverage of single-person retail businesses.

For professional market places, where the merchants and entrepreneurs gather and trade, the state industrial and commercial authorities at different levels will dispatch instructors and liaisons to ensure they are covered by Party organizations.

Source: website of United Front Department, Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party, Mary 28, 2012