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Qiushi-: The Manifestation, Cause, and Lessons from Democracy’s Failure in Developing Countries

Qiushi recently published an article about the process of democratization in developing countries. The article stated that, since 1970, many developing countries have been dragged into joining the global democratization movement. Although democratic transformation has been going on for more than 30 years, most developing countries have gotten into trouble and experienced a democratization crisis. These crises have the following manifestations: 1). Democratization has brought about social turmoil, conflicts, and even war; 2). It resulted in poor efficiency in administration due to internal fighting; 3). It caused political corruption; 4) It affected economic development and brought poverty in its wake. The objective reasons for its failure include: 1) A poor economic foundation to support democracy; 2) The lack of an efficient system and of the laws to guarantee democracy’s execution; 3). The lack of a “democratic rationality” due to the poor quality of people’s education.

The article concluded that China should learn from the countries that failed after choosing the path of democracy and find a democracy suitable to China’s national situation; develop democracy in coordination with economic development; and not have a “shock style” democratization.

Source: Qiushi,May 31, 2012