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HKET: Report on Surge in Cyberattacks against NATO: Originating from Chinese IP Addresses

Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET), the leading financial daily in Hong Kong, recently reported that, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, the conflict has spread to the Internet. Many hacker organizations have participated. Check Point Research (CPR), the threat intelligence division of the software technology company Check Point, just released a research report showing that cyber-attacks by hackers against government organizations outside Ukraine increased by 21 percent. The attacks launched from Chinese IP addresses against NATO countries increased by 116 percent. Overall cyber-attacks against all industries in Ukraine increased by 20 percent, with an average of 1,466 attacks per Ukraine organization per week. However, the number of active networks in Ukraine has dropped by 27 percent due to the impact of the war. Overall cyber-attacks against Russia have grown by only one percent. Cyber-attacks against governments or military sectors in all regions of the world have increased significantly, up 21 percent from pre-conflict levels. It is worth noting that the attacks from Chinese IPs are 72 percent higher than before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The attacks from Chinese IPs on NATO corporate networks are 116 percent higher. Check Point indicated that hackers aren’t just targeting government or military targets. They are also taking advantage of the public’s eagerness to launch phishing attacks. The attacks cannot be attributed directly to China, as both domestic and foreign hackers can use Chinese IP as the source of the attack.

Source: HKET, March 23, 2022