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China Held Online Training for Teachers on How to Explain the Russia Ukraine War

Recently schools in Shandong, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, and Heilongjiang provinces held a “Hands-on Online Group Preparation for Teaching” activity. The topic was the “Ukraine Situation.” This event targeted teachers of political education classes. The goal was the implementation of the authorities’ requirement of “precisely grasping China’s principle position and the caliber of the situation in the Russia and Ukraine War.”

Shandong Provincial Department of Education issued a document entitled “Notice on Holding a Group Preparation Activity on the Situation of Russia and Ukraine War.” According to screenshots that a Chinese teacher uploaded to the Internet, the teacher explained to the students in answer to the question, “Why did Russia send troops to Ukraine?” in the following way. First, Ukraine is politically corrupt and economically depleted. It is split among ethnic groups and hates Russia. Second, NATO has expanded eastward five times, reducing Russia’s strategic space to the brink of extinction. The teacher also told students that, “(Ukraine) Nazis killed 14,000 ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine” and “the United States is the cause of the tragedy of the Russia and Ukraine War.”

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 28, 2022