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Chinese Student Expelled for Criticizing School’s Covid Policy

A graduate student at Ludong University, located in Yantai city of Shandong Province, was recently expelled from the university after criticizing the school’s Covid-19 policy and protesting on campus.

A document from Ludong University dated March 31 called, “Decision on Expulsion of Sun Jian,” was recently circulated online.  The document said a graduate student, Sun Jian, began to post on his Wechat account “untrue and inappropriate comments” about the national, provincial, and the school’s epidemic control measures. in December of last year, Sun “refused to correct himself despite repeated criticism and education.” On March 27, after he held a sign in protest on campus the police took Sun away, On March 28, Sun continued to post videos and comments through a few social media platforms. The document charged that Sun “seriously violated national laws and regulations and school discipline.” The decision was that Sun should be expelled from school.

In his December Wechat posts, Sun pointed to the great inconvenience imposed upon students’ lives due to the school’s Covid prevention policy. He questioned “why students cannot enter and leave the campus freely when there is no Covid case in the city of Yantai.” Sun felt that he was attending a “Ludong Detention Center” instead of a university.

In addition to opposing frequent mass Covid testing, he also brought up the inequality in the process, as the university put strict restrictions on student travel, but there were no such restrictions on faculty members.

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), April 4, 2022