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He Lifeng Took Some Powers from Wang Hu’ning

Hong Kong’s Ming Pao reported that He Lifeng (何立峰) might have taken certain powers away from Wang Hu’ning (王沪宁).

He Lifeng heads the National Development and Reform Commission. Ming Pao received information that he has taken over the CCP Central Committee for Deepening Reform Office, which seems to be separated from the CCP Central Committee Policy Research Office that Wang Hu’ning oversees.

The Wall Street Journal quoted from its source that Xi Jinping is thinking about letting He Lifeng take over China’s economy and financial system in the future, and possibly giving him the first Deputy Prime Minister position.

Wang Hu’ning, according to a Washington Post report, “is almost certainly the most dangerous man in the world that most people have never heard of. He is a member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party but is best understood to be the big thinker in President Xi Jinping’s inner circle.” Wang has a “considerable influence over Xi.” He also advised two previous CCP heads, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao.

There is infighting between Jiang Zemin’s faction and Xi Jinping. Some political observers have the view that Wang has stayed in Jiang’s camp and has been misleading Xi Jinping to get him to make irrational decisions.

Source: Epoch Times, April 1, 2022