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Global Times: Experts Warn against NATO’s Globalization

Global Times (a newspaper under the CCP) recently reported that, for the first time, NATO’s foreign minister’s meeting invited Japan and South Korea. Experts reminded people to be vigilant regarding NATO’s globalization. NATO’s frantic eastward expansion is considered the “bane” of the Ukraine crisis. Now, NATO seems to have China on its mind. At a news conference, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said  that NATO’s foreign ministers will discuss NATO’s new strategic vision, which will, for the first time, “take into account China’s growing influence and coercive policies on the global stage.” According to the schedule that NATO released, NATO foreign ministers will hold talks with the foreign ministers of a series of “global partners,” including four Asia-Pacific countries: Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. Nikkei Asia reported that this is the first time for a Japanese foreign minister to attend the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting. The same is true for the foreign minister of South Korea. The foreign ministers of four non-NATO countries in Europe, namely Ukraine, Sweden, Finland and Georgia, were also invited to attend the meeting. Experts expressed the belief that NATO is a geopolitical weapon and tool of the United States. They say its development goal is very clear. It is to build a global security system based on the interests and values of the United States and the West. In other words, NATO’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis is only a transitional process. Its deeper and long-term goal is China.

Source: Global Times, April 7, 2022