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Taiwan Government Issues Wartime Survival Handbook

On April 12, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense released a National Defense Handbook, a wartime survival manual that provides the necessary information in the event of an impending war or other disasters. The move highlights Taiwan’s determination to improve its defense capabilities against the backdrop of continued tensions across the Taiwan Strait and growing voices inside mainland China calling for an armed attack on the island.

Liu Tai-yi, an official of the ministry’s All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency, said that the Handbook follows the practices of Sweden, Japan and other countries. It includes sections such as “Emergency Response QR Code,” “Air Raid Alert and Fire Evacuation,” “Building Collapse and Fire Response,” “Power Failure Response,” “Water Failure Response,”  “Medical Emergency,” “Shortage of Necessities Response,” “Disaster Prevention (War Preparedness) Materials and Rescue Preparation,” “Basic Knowledge of Survival,” “Emergency Reporting Line,” and “Reserve Military Mobilization Information.”

The handbook contains illustrations and references that suit people of different age groups. It also provides Q&A with the design of various wartime real-life scenarios, as well as the division of responsibilities of the central and local governments.

Source: Deutsche Welle (Chinese channel), April 12, 2022