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China’s Ministry of Commerce: Companies Should Not Condemn Russia under Pressure

Russian news agency Sputnik reported that China’s Ministry of Commerce asked Chinese companies not to yield to the pressure to condemn Russia.

At the ministry’s press conference on April 14, a media reporter asked the Ministry spokesperson Su Jueting, “According to some China companies, some of their foreign business partners have asked them to state their opposition to Russia’s military actions against Ukraine. Otherwise their normal business cooperation will be affected. Do you want to say something?”

Su responded, “Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began, some countries have imposed a series of sanctions on Russia. This has disrupted the normal economic and trade relationship between China and Russia. Some foreign companies have violated the normal market principles and threatened Chinese enterprises to pick a side. Here, we reiterate that China always firmly opposes unilateral sanctions and ‘long-arm jurisdictions’ that have no basis in international law and are not authorized by the United Nations’ Security Council. China also opposes undue bans or restrictions on normal economic and trade activities between Chinese enterprises and those of other countries.”

Su also stressed that, according to the Foreign Trade Law and other relevant laws and regulations, in order to maintain a fair and free foreign trade order, companies and individuals must not succumb to external coercion or to make improper statements. China will take necessary measures to firmly protect Chinese enterprises’ legitimate rights and interests.

Source: Sputnik, April 14, 2022