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RFA Chinese: Ukraine Concerned about Chinese DJI Drones

Radio Free Asia (RFA) Chinese Edition recently reported that the Ukrainian government has called for restrictions on drones that the Chinese drone maker DJI has been producing. The Ukrain argued that the product didn’t just have technical glitches. These were actually DJI’s deliberate effort to undermine Ukraine’s defense. The Ukrainian government has also accused Russia of using DJI drones to attack Ukraine. The Chinese drone company DJI supplies both Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine determined that the DJI drones posed a security risk to Ukrainian troops and civilians. They observed that the Russian DJI drones worked well when the very same Ukraine DJI drones faced many technical issues. A DJI spokesperson denied the allegations that accused the company of assisting the Russian offensive while meddling in Ukrainian products. In the meantime, U.S. startups are beginning to fill the Ukrainian market for drones. The companies include Seattle-based BRINC Drones and the Silicon Valley firm Skydio, according to the Wall Street Journal. The companies’ drones are helping to search for survivors in the rubble of cities over Ukraine and find where the Russians are hiding. The Russian embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment. DJI is the world’s largest commercial drone maker and its products are widely used in the United States.

Source: RFA Chinese, April 22, 2022