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The Great Translation Movement and the Communist Party’s Concern

The Great Translation Movement (TGTM), which has the goal of informing the Western world about the true thoughts of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese people it has brainwashed (by translating what the Chinese actually say), has created a real impact in Western society. As a result, the CCP media recently denounced it, indicating that it has reached a level at which the CCP can no longer ignore it.

TGTM started in March this year, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The CCP published strong domestic propaganda to support Russia and misled some of the Chinese people so that they posted messages online to support Russia and ridicule Ukraine (in one example, they even wanted to bring some of the beautiful Ukraine  women to China to “save” them). A group of Chinese with consciences started to translate these extreme views into Ukrainian. Later the movement expanded into translating CCP propaganda and people’s postings on WeChat, Weibo, Tiktok, and extreme Chinese leftist websites, into English, Korean, and Japanese. The movement has an official Twitter account TGTM_Official, with more and more volunteers joining to supply translations. Western media and society in general have picked up this information in order to demonstrate the CCP’s true qualities and true self to the world so the world’s people can understand its true nature., China’s official site which is run by the Chinese government body’s China Internet Information Center (CIIC), posted an article on April 27, 2022, to comment on this movement. It called The Great Translation Movement an “Internet virus” and said it had been mutating and creating a relatively large negative impact on China’s overseas propaganda and international image.

To stop the spread of this “Internet anti-China virus,” that article claimed, China needed to take necessary counter measures. It indicated that, on its official side, China needs to strengthen its domestic Internet platform in order to control and regulate netizens’ behavior. From the civilian angle, China needs to utilize the postings by Chinese students studying overseas and the Chinese diaspora who have patriotic sentiment toward China, leading them to promote the “true” China and build a good international image for China.

Source:, April 27, 2022