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Qiushi: Integrate Socialist Core Values into China’s Education Process for the Young Generation

Qiushi, a journal of the Chinese Communist Party, published a series of articles discussing how to incorporate China’s Communist (socialist) core values into the process of educating the young generation. The editor added a note to the articles saying, “The 17th Chinese Communist Party Congress’s Sixth Plenary Session made a series of major decisions on how to promote the socialist core value system, stressing the incorporation of socialist core values into the whole process of national education. Young people are the future hope of the nation. Educating China’s youth is an important part of the overall national education. (Therefore), it is required that the socialist core value system be integrated into the whole process of educating the young generation.

In the article titled “Educate and Guide Young People to Practice the Core Value System Actively,” the author suggested integrating socialist education into classroom teaching, social practice, campus culture, and school management. Another article suggested using socialist core values to guide the educational activities in colleges and universities.

Source: Qiushi, August 15, 2012