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Communist Youth League: State Pays High Attention to “Lying Flat”

The term “lying flat” became trendy in 2021. It refers to a lifestyle that calls for “not buying a house, not buying a car, not getting married, not having a baby, not consuming,” and “maintaining a minimum standard of living. It means refusing to become a machine for others to make money and a slave to be exploited.” “Lying flat” reflects the reality of over competition in Chinese society to such an extent that many young people no longer believe that hard work results in a better life. Right after this movement gained in popularity, the state media published articles criticizing ithis view. Since 2021, the term “lying flat” has become popular among young Chinese people. Recently, the chief administrative body of the central government State Council released a white paper on “China’s Youth in a New Era” and held a press conference.

He Junke, the first secretary of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League (CYL), said, “The state attaches great importance to the deep-rooted problems reflected in the ‘lying flat’ movement. The pressure of work, study and of life that the young generation faces are serious and realistic.” The Communist Youth League is a Chinese communist organization for young people between the ages of 14 and 28.

He also quoted Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, who said, “Happiness comes out of struggle, and struggle itself is a kind of happiness.”

Source: Central News Agency (Taiwan), April 21, 2022