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Public Opinion: Hot Discussions on Shanghai Man’s Saying, “This Is Our Last Generation”

Recently an online video attracted many reposts and some hot discussions.

The video was about a Shanghai case in which a police officer, covered in a full COVID protective suit, came to take a resident to a quarantine location. The resident had tested negative for COVID but, according to the authorities, might have been close to someone who had COVID. The resident refused to go.

The police officer then threatened him and said that he would be punished for not following the authorities’ order and the punishment would implicate his parents and children as well. The officer said, “The punishment will impact all three generations of your family.”

The man answered, “Unfortunately, this is our last generation. Thank you!”

Public comments said that this showed how desperate and tragic the lives of the people in China have become. They cannot change the CCP’s actions and cannot control their own lives. They have even chosen not to have children so that they wouldn’t pass the same tragedy of living down to their children.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has deleted the video and all discussions about it.

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Source: Radio Free Asia, May 12, 2022