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Ten New Warnings to Officialdom Widely Circulated on the Internet

Qiushi Theory, which is the CCP’s official publication to interpret the CCP’s major policies and theories, published an article discussing how the Internet era has placed new pressure on Party officials. Many Party officials have thus become alert and are fearful of the Internet. To illustrate its point, the article quoted some new information that has been circulating widely on the Internet: “Ten New Warnings to Officialdom.” 

The 10 warnings are: 1) do not talk nonsense during an interview; 2) do not smoke famous brand name cigarettes while attending a meeting; 3) do not wear expensive watches while conducting business activities; 4) do not drive a famous car when performing public service activities; 5) do not hold an umbrella during grassroots inspections; 6) do not copy famous articles when submitting something for publication; 7) do not use twitter when you are dating someone; 8) do not keep a diary about your former married life; 9) do not smile when a natural disaster occurs; 10) do not be the spokesman during emergent events. 
Sources: Qiushi Theory, September 25, 2012