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China to Carry-Out Anti-Cult Propaganda and Education in the Sixth Five-year Law Publicity Plan

In August and September 2012, a number of local government departments and institutions posted a notice on their websites regarding the implementation of the plan to carry out anti-cult propaganda and education during the “sixth five-year” (2011-2015) law publicity work. China’s anti-cult propaganda and education work under the communist government is a pretext for discussing the struggle against “Falun Gong.” 

The notice is based a classified document [2012 issued #5] by The State Council Office of Cult Prevention and Treatment, the Ministry of Justice, and the National Office of Law Publicity. Chinascope has a copy of the original document. The document was initially issued to the following government entities on April 21, 2012: the Offices of Cult Prevention and Treatment; the Justice Department (Bureau); the Governance Office of Law Publicity and Observance from all Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps; the Law Publicity Offices from all ministries, commissions, departments and bureaus of the Central and National Government; and the Propaganda Divisions of the Work Committee of the Central Government Departments, the State Organs Work Committee, and the PLA General Political Department. Each local government entity incorporated its own specific measures into the notice posted on its website. 
In discussing the importance of the education program, the notice admitted that “the tenacity and recurring nature of the cult, particularly the support and utilization by the overseas Western hostile forces, (have determined) that the struggle is still very serious, complex and labile. ‘Falun Gong’ has frequently been adjusting its strategies and changing the means it uses to confront us and compete for the masses with us in collaboration with domestic ‘Falun Gong’ members.” 

Sources: Websites of the Qinghai University Propaganda Department, the Political and Law Department of Fuzhou City (Fujian Province); the Health Department of Qinghai Province, Gengyu Township of (Jiangshu Province), and others, August-September, 2012