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China Review News: The U.S.-South Korea Military Exercises Challenge China’s Psychological Baseline

China Review News published an invited commentary by Wang Minzou on the U.S.-South Korea Military Exercises. The article suggests that a war could erupt at the slightest provocation as a result of the U.S. sending the aircraft carrier George Washington to the Yellow Sea. This is because the Obama administration didn’t objectively analyze the cause of the incident (the 23rd artillery attack), and the U.S. always handles such issues with an arbitrary and arrogant attitude. The author believes that the artillery attack is directly associated with the excess pressure the U.S. and South Korea apply jointly to North Korea. The constant military exercises and threats, which were beyond (North Korea’s) tolerance, angered North Korea and incited the counterattack. The article also said that China expressed its concern and called for restraint from all sides, but the Obama administration didn’t intend to stop. The U.S and South Korea are not swayed by China’s diplomatic efforts. After November 28, the U.S. sent a guided missile cruiser and a guided missile destroyer, in addition to the aircraft carrier, to the Yellow Sea. This not only pressures North Korea, it is also challenges the Chinese people’s psychological baseline. People are asking: Did the George Washington carrier come to get into a war? Does the U.S. really want to incite another Korean war?

Source: China Review News, December 1, 2010