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Hong Kong Government: School Libraries Can’t Have Books that Violate National Security Laws

Hong Kong’s Education Secretary Kevin Yeung said that local school libraries cannot have books that violate the National Security Laws.

At an event, a reporter asked about some local secondary schools that used “self-censorship” and removed some books from the library. He wondered whether the authorities have a regulation for providing library collections to secondary schools and how the terms of the national security law apply. Yeung said that as part of the implementation of the National Security Law, schools have the responsibility to ensure that their libraries do not contain books that are harmful to national security. Yeung added, “Books, like textbooks, can influence the ideas or thoughts of young students.”

He said that after the implementation of the National Security Law, schools cannot allow any incident that endangers national security, and that the National Security Law also mentions the responsibility of schools to promote national security education.

Source: Central News Agency, June 6, 2022