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China Review News: Wisely Expel the U.S. Aircraft Carrier from the Yellow Sea

On December 4, 2010, China Review News published an article saying that the U.S. just wants to
“stir up trouble” and “find an excuse to launch a war.” "China should wisely expel the U.S. aircraft carrier from the Yellow Sea." If a war starts, "China should actively call for the UN to send in peacekeeping troops and urge all parties to stop the war."

“The Chinese military can closely monitor the communication signals from the U.S. aircraft carrier on land or on sea so as to understand the basic work principles of the American communication system. Based on the captured communication signals, we can discover the aircraft carrier’s weaknesses. Since the aircraft carrier entered directly into the area that China’s long-range carrier rockets can reach, China’s rocket army can use the aircraft carrier as a hypothetical target in order to strengthen the flexible combat capability of China’s military troops.”

Source: China Review News, December 4, 2010