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Xi Jinping Admits that the Legitimacy of the CCP Ruling Position Is in Danger

On October 28, 2012, China Gate reprinted an article from Hong Kong’s Trends Magazine titled “Xi Jinping Admits, in a Secret Meeting, that the Crumbling Legitimacy of the CCP’s Governance Has Set off Alarm Bells.”

According to Hong Kong’s Trends Magazine, at a secret meeting, incoming CCP Chairman Xi Jinping again admitted that the CCP faces a fatal crisis. On September 26, 2012, at the 41st enlarged meeting of the 17th CCP Politiburo Standing Committee, Xi Jinping gave preparatory comments about the 18th National Congress and its agenda, putting forward 5 key issues. Xi asked, "Why is there so much tension between the people and the CCP?" and "Why is the people’s distrust of the Party growing?” He also pointed out that the CCP’s legitimacy in governance is crumbling, setting off alarm bells to all.  In May, Xi Jinping talked about the collapse of the CCP. At that time, the Chinese Communist Party’s own investigation showed that 90% of the family members of CCP Central Committee Officials have emigrated overseas.

Source: China Gate, October 28, 2012