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Wen Jiabao Requests Open Investigation on His Property and Assets to Prove His Innocence

On October 29, 2012, China Gate reprinted an article from Ming Pao (the original article cannot be found) titled “Wen Jiabao Sent a Letter to the CCP Central Committee Requesting an Open Investigation of His Property and Assets to Prove His Innocence.” Wen asked for the “immediate establishment of a specialized agency … to carry out a full and open investigation of the rumors of my corruption … by inviting both Chinese and foreign media representatives to participate in the investigation.” Mr. Wen said that he and his family members would “unconditionally and absolutely cooperate with an open investigation.” Mr. Wen also said that if an open investigation is not allowed, an independent investigation is welcome; if no investigation is allowed, he asked permission from the top CCP leadership to allow him to publicize his personal property and assets. Wen Jiabao has suggested many times that all the CCP and government officials should be open with the public about their property and assets. He said he was willing to be the first one to publicize his assets.

This is the fifth time Wen Jiabao formally wrote letter to the CCP top leadership requesting an independent investigation of himself and his family members. Although the CCP top leadership has never openly accepted Wen Jiabao’s request, an agency led by a high official has conducted several very strict investigations of the so-called Wen Jiabao family corruption case. No evidence of any corruption has been found. 

Source: China Gate, October 29, 2012